Keeping Our Kids safe Online

Yesterday we had another Lead Teacher Day with Allanah. She has been writing us a very valuable resource about Cybersafety.  At our school we have Internet user agreements and discuss Hectors World with our classes. Charles stressed to us that some parents are very unaware of the importance of teaching and supporting their children about being safe online. Schools must continue to take responsibility for helping children become cyber safe, cyber savvy and  responsible digital citizens.  Thank you Allanah and Charles.

When I returned to school at 3.00pm, I introduced my Syndicate to Allanah’s  resource and we had some  interesting discussion about the photos we put on our blogs. It is not just  families and close friends who may be viewing these images.

One thought on “Keeping Our Kids safe Online

  1. It is so fabulous that our resources are being taken back to the schools and being used and discussed with staff.

    Thanks for your contribution 🙂

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